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Dental Services for New Patients

Moore Family Dentistry ‘s dental practice in Arlington, TX offers comprehensive services and is currently accepting new patients of all ages. Our family-owned and operated practice offers family dental services with additional care, such as restorative procedures and cosmetic dentistry options. We work with our patients to ensure their teeth and gums are healthy and functioning as they should. Good oral habits contribute to your overall health, and prioritizing dental visits is an excellent step in protecting your general wellness.

happy family smiling at the park

Comprehensive Care and the Right Services

At the top of every patient’s list should be bi-annual cleanings, which are recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) to minimize the likelihood of tartar buildup, bacteria infection, decay, and tooth loss. These exams enable us to monitor your oral health, note any changes, and discover minor problems before they become significant issues. We’re also available to discuss improvements you’d like to consider to brighten your smile, such as whitening or repairing chipped or cracked teeth. If you’re missing teeth, we have implant and denture options to return full function to your mouth. Our emergency services treat patients in pain from serious issues on the same day with prompt solutions. Whatever you need, we have the right service to handle it.

We’re Here to Be Your Long-Term Dentist

New experiences, such as visiting a dental practice you’re not familiar with, can be intimidating. Moore Family Dentistry prioritizes creating a family feel and comfortable atmosphere in our office. We look forward to developing long-term relationships with our patients to ensure you have a reliable and trusted place to receive your dental care. Whether it’s a routine checkup, a restorative procedure, or an emergency visit, we always want you to feel confident contacting us to schedule your appointment. Call our practice today.

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