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Dental Services to Promote Healthy Teeth

The first step to good oral health is visiting the dentist regularly for routine cleanings and preventative services. Many insurance plans cover bi-annual cleanings because sticking to this schedule is the best way to avoid dental complications that require more involved procedures. At Moore Family Dentistry in Arlington, TX, we help patients stay on track with these visits by scheduling them in advance and reminding patients of upcoming appointments. This is also an opportune time to discuss any concerns and complete X-rays if you’re due for that service.

General Dentistry Services for All Ages

Teeth complications can occur at any age. It’s true older adults are prone to certain issues children are not and vice versa, but it’s essential to be proactive with oral care no matter how old you are. Parents with young children should schedule regular visits as soon as the initial teeth appear. Adults who have never had a major dental issue shouldn’t let their guard down as teeth become more susceptible to issues with age. Our general dentistry services cover the basics of keeping your natural teeth healthy.

Is It Time to Schedule Your Dentist Appointment?

With the ADA’s recommendation of having bi-annual cleanings, most dental insurance plans cover them when spaced six months apart. If it’s been more than six months since your last cleaning, we encourage you to call Moore Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment. This is a time we can examine your mouth, take digital X-rays if you’re due, and talk about any issues or concerns you have related to your teeth and gums. If you’re experiencing any pain or oral trauma, contact us right away.

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